Travel Guide for Those Who Prefer Antalya for Dental Treatment

Turkish healthcare system -especially dentistry- offers a high level of quality, professionalism, efficiency, and guarantees. All these can be effectively provided by our dental clinics and agency in Antalya. Our dental clinics can provide a comple...

Turkish healthcare system -especially dentistry- offers a high level of quality, professionalism, efficiency, and guarantees. All these can be effectively provided by our dental clinics and agency in Antalya.


Our dental clinics can provide a complete holiday for overseas patients who want to have their dental treatment in Antalya. Especially in UK countries, dental treatment costs are 30% to 70% higher than dental holiday travel destinations. Our patients' needs are met with professional service, a friendly environment, and high-quality dental products, and their treatments can be successfully combined with their holidays. All procedures are carried out professionally to fully meet the needs of overseas dental patients.


The Allure of “Antalya City”

Antalya is a unique and ideal destination to enjoy perfect holidays. Tourists who come to Turkey's fastest-growing city discover a wonderful mix of excellent beaches and traditional Turkish culture. Here are a few ideas to make your Antalya trip memorable:


+Antalya Beaches

The area surrounding the city is known as the Turkish Riviera. For this reason, the city has hot and dry summers, mild rainy winters and a typical Mediterranean climate throughout the year. The city experiences an average of 300 sunny days each year, making it a great place for sun worshipers. At this point, among the 213 Blue Flag beaches for those who love sunbathing and swimming, among the popular beaches in the city; We recommend Konyaaltı, Lara, Kaputas, Phaselis, Cleopatra, and Olympos Beaches. Moreover, you can join the blue cruises with boat tours starting from the unique Antalya coves.


Average summer daytime temperature: 30 – 42 °C

Average winter daytime temperature: 14 – 21 °C

Average region summer seawater temperature: 24- 29 °C


+Historical City Center

Antalya is an important tourism destination with ancient ruins. These ruins are part of the walls surrounding the region and the port area in the region. The Walls, which surround the area called Kaleici (Old Town) from inside and outside, contain common artefacts from the Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman periods. Tourists coming to the city can visit Kaleici, Karaalioglu Park, Broken Minaret, Hidirlik Tower and Harbour within the same route. There are also museums in the surrounding area, such as the Suna & Inan Kirac Kaleici Museum and the Ataturk House. Tourists generally spend their evenings in this area (Kaleici Old Town) and visit restaurants and cafes for various drinks and food.


+Antalya Ancient Cities

Known as one of the most important cities of Pamphylia in ancient times, Aspendos was rumoured to have been founded by the Greek soothsayer Mopsos around 1000 BC, and archaeologists have suggested that the city was a settlement from the Hittite period (800 BC). The theatre in this ancient city was built by the Romans in Anatolia and is one of the rare art venues in the region.


Perge Ancient City, 12-13 BC. with its centuries-old history, it has hosted many different civilizations. This ancient city, formerly known as "Parha", was one of the most organized cities of Anatolia during the Roman Period. The Byzantine Basilica, art and ancient artefacts from the Roman period unearthed here are now exhibited in the Antalya Museum located in the city centre.


Termessos Ancient City is an important city founded by the Solyms, who are descendants of the Luwians, one of the oldest peoples of Anatolia, in the southwestern part of the Pisidia region, known as "Milyas", in the valley between the peaks of the Solymos Mountain, which is now called "Gulluk". Those who visit the region can also visit Karain Cave and Guver Canyon (Guver Cliff) Nature Park, which is on the same route.


+ Kid-Friendly Places to Visit With Family

Antalya Aquarium, which is located in the city centre and is the largest tunnel aquarium in the world, and Antalya Aktur Park, which has playgrounds at international standards located opposite it, is a frequent destination especially for tourists with children. These facilities are open in summer and winter and they have basic needs, eating and drinking places and resting places apart from places to visit.


As a different place, Ataturk Culture Park has natural walking trails, bicycle trails, children's playgrounds, resting areas, cafes and restaurants and bistros that offer all kinds of delicious food. Upside-down house Antalya, which is another stopover point and very interesting for children, is located in the Aksu district. It is a stopping point for families who want to have a different experience and have a good time.


Antalya Zoo is an amusement and theme park that has been brought to life in the Kepezaltı Region. It was established with the aim of protecting the habitats and many animal species of different species against the risk of extinction and spreading the love of animals. It contains many interesting details about animal species that especially young children and young people can learn by observing them. In the Zoo; there are sections such as shelters for birds of prey, areas reserved for lions, tigers and pumas, kangaroos, zebras and ponies, gazelle, roe deer, deer, and maned sheep, reptile houses, and birdhouses.


+Other Touristic Areas of Antalya

Touristic towns such as Belek, Kemer and Alanya offer hundreds of thousands of beds and hotel concepts for tourists. These towns, which are especially preferred by Russian, German, English and French tourists provide tours, entertainment and shopping opportunities for tourists due to their proximity to the city centre and their own district centres.


While you are getting dental treatment, you should reward yourself with a trip that combines the unique beauty of Antalya, its endless history, traditional Turkish-Mediterranean cuisine and crystal clear waters. In this process, we will do everything we can to ensure that your experience is concluded in a healthy way.


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