Smile Design in Turkey

Smile design, which is included in the field of cosmetic dentistry, is to improve the aesthetics of teeth and gums for a healthy and beautiful smile. The process includes any dental treatment procedure applied on the smile line. Which Procedu...

Smile design, which is included in the field of cosmetic dentistry, is to improve the aesthetics of teeth and gums for a healthy and beautiful smile. The process includes any dental treatment procedure applied on the smile line.


Which Procedures Does Smile Design Include?

In general, oral & dental treatments are only concerned with the health of the patient, while smile design procedures’ focus is on the aesthetical aspects, of course considering the oral health of the patient. Applications can include only teeth bleaching, or porcelain veneers on all teeth to help patients achieve their ideal smile. Some of the most common smile design procedures include:


+ Professional Teeth Whitening:

Some foods and drinks can stain teeth over time. Professional teeth whitening can eliminate discolouration and bleach teeth with several shades. In addition, patients can get this procedure in less than an hour in a single appointment.


+ Dental Veneers:

Dental veneers are one of the most preferred cosmetic treatments in the last years. They are thin shells applied on teeth and shaped like natural teeth to improve the appearance of teeth and achieve an appealing smile line. Veneers can be created from different materials however porcelain is the most popular one since it enables the creation of more natural-looking results. It is possible to cover discolouration and fix misaligned, cracked teeth with the application of dental veneers.  


+ Dental Crowns:

A dental crown is a type of dental veneer that cover the teeth 360 degrees. They are also known as full veneers. Dental crowns are mostly offered for cosmetical reasons like restoring damages, chipped, misaligned tooth/teeth. They can also strengthen damaged teeth and restore their full functionality as well as appearance. Since they cover teeth 360 degrees, dental crowns can reshape teeth entirely, realign crooked teeth, close the gaps and cover the discolouration successfully. For the same reason, they can also be applied to fix bite problems If the malocclusion (bite problems) is not severe.


+ Lumineers (Feldspathic Veneers):

 Lumineers are similar to laminate veneers since they are both thin layers that cover the visible surface of teeth to improve the smile. Since they require minimum invasive preparation, they are also known as “No-Prep Veneers”. And for the same reason, they are much thinner compared to laminate veneers to avoid “bulky” results. This application is mainly used to fix minor problems with natural teeth. Thin appearance problems can be effectively treated with lumineers. There is a common misunderstanding that lumineer procedure is reversible, however, it is not; just like veneers and crowns.


+ Composite Veneers & Composite Bonding:

Composite is one of the most used materials in dentistry. The material is mainly used as fillings; however, it is possible to make cosmetical improvements on a smile with composite veneers to fix cracked, broken, or discoloured teeth. Composite bonding is also can be offered to fix broken teeth and close the gaps between teeth. Some patients prefer restorations with composite veneers or bonding since these are the most budget-friendly options and they do not require shaving teeth to apply however these are shorter-term solutions compared to porcelain veneers or crowns. And unlike veneers or crowns, they can get discoloured according to the oral habits of the individuals.


+ Dental Implants:

Even though dental implants are not considered as cosmetical treatment, they may be applied for a smile makeover if the patient has missing tooth/teeth through their smile line. Implants are surgically placed in the jawbone to support a dental crown; so, they can replace and mimic natural teeth.


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