How to Keep Your Dentures Clean and Are There Any Alternatives to Dentures?

Dentures are a traditional type of dental prothesis applied to replace missing tooth/teeth for patients who are not suitable for dental bridges or dental implant placements. Moreover, dentures can protect other teeth, protect the facial line and p...

Dentures are a traditional type of dental prothesis applied to replace missing tooth/teeth for patients who are not suitable for dental bridges or dental implant placements. Moreover, dentures can protect other teeth, protect the facial line and prevent sagging, increasing the patient's self-confidence.


Below are the classifications according to the different types of dental prosthesis:

• According to the number of teeth (full or partial),

• Fixed or removable dentures,

• According to the implant support placed on the gingiva or jawbone,

• According to the type of material the prosthesis is made of


In full dentures, artificial teeth are fixed with a plate (prosthesis base) that fits over the gums according to the missing condition of the patients' teeth. This plate is usually made of gum-coloured acrylic but the interior can also be made of different types of materials like porcelain or metal. When the denture base fits well, the natural gingiva holds it in place. Partial dentures are preferred in some health conditions and when the patient's natural teeth are sufficient. By a specialist dental technician, partial dentures are carefully shaped to fit and clip around the patient's remaining teeth. Both artificial teeth and gingiva are coloured to match the structure of natural teeth and gingiva.


Cleaning and care process of dentures


Patients with dentures remove their dentures before going to sleep at night and leave their dentures in a water container to keep them moist so that the dentures can be used for a long time without losing their original shape, just like night guards. Cleaning solution can also be added to the prostheses placed in water, but the ones suitable for the prosthesis type should be selected for this. Prosthetic teeth need to be cleaned every day, regardless of the period of use. Moreover, the daily cleaning habit provides protection against tooth stains. For this, a special toothbrush can be selected or a cleaning tool can be provided in consultation with the dentist. Dentures may not always need to be removed in a dental cleaning routine, but they are easier to remove during cleaning to remove all food residue. The dental cleaning products used should be kept in a healthy way. Otherwise, there is a possibility of bacteria formation that not only increase the possibility of gum disease and tooth decay but also might cause bad breath.


Fixed Dentures with Dental Implants


For the patients who have sufficient bone structure for dental implant placement, fixed dentures supported by dental implants may be an option as well. Since these type of dentures fit the jaw structure better, they would be more convenient options in long term as dental implants will function as the roots of teeth.


Implanted prostheses can not only be stable but also prevent the loss of bone tissue in the jaw. The reason for this is that implants act as natural tooth roots by holding on to new bone tissue like natural tooth roots. Without tooth roots in the jaw, this process stops and the bone becomes smaller and thinner. Using implant-supported dentures can help keep your smile looking youthful and strong for decades.


Alternative Treatments to Removable Full-Arch Dentures


1. All on 4® Procedures:

All on 4 procedure is a considerably new surgical treatment as a better alternative to full-arch removable dentures for the patients who have no teeth on their upper or lower arches. In this procedure, 4 titanium dental implants are applied on each jaw. 2 of the implants are being applied straight to the front and 2 of them are applied with 45 degrees of angle in order to support a full arch fixed denture. The aim of the procedure is a full mouth restoration and regain the patient’s teeth and chewing functions.


Depending on patient’s bone density levels and the oral surgeon’s recommendations, 6 implants (All on 6) or 8 implants (All on 8) may be applied on each jaw to support the denture.

At Dental Platinum Turkey, we only offer Nobel Biocare® Dental Implants for this procedure since this is a registered procedure by Nobel Biocare and requires a special type of dental implant.


2. Full-Arch Dental Bridge supported by Dental Implants:

Dental Bridges is another type of application to replace missing teeth. Bridges need to be supported on each side by healthy teeth of the patient, or by dental implants. If the patient do not have any teeth on the upper or lower arch, the oral surgeon evaluates patient’s panoramic dental x-ray to check their gingival conditions and bone density levels, and accordingly, a full-arch dental bridge supported by 6 or more dental implants may be recommended for a full arch replacement. Since dental bridges are mostly made of porcelain, it is possible to create more natural looking results with this option.

If you have partial or full-arch dentures and looking for alternative solutions, you can send us your dental x-rays via email (, WhatsApp (+905424648304) or Telegram (@dentalplatinumturkey); so we can consult our oral surgeons and provide you with further information regarding your treatment options and the associated costs.