Dental Implants for Seniors

It is thought that it is inevitable to experience tooth loss as you get older. However, it is a great misconception that the deterioration of oral and dental health is a natural result of the aging process. Your mouth will age like your othe...

It is thought that it is inevitable to experience tooth loss as you get older. However, it is a great misconception that the deterioration of oral and dental health is a natural result of the aging process.


Your mouth will age like your other organs. Your gums and teeth change as you age. With the aging of your cells, the nerves, especially in your teeth may shrink, which can make you susceptible to decay and other problems. On the other hand, these kinds of results are not inevitable for everybody. There are other factors like, genetic susceptibility, osteolysis, metabolic diseases like diabetes, etc. that would affect your oral and dental health.


Just a few decades ago, dentures were the only solution for seniors who suffer from multiple tooth loss. With the developments on titanium dental implants in the late 1960s, the techniques used for tooth replacement improved significantly. A dental implant is basically a titanium screw that is implanted into the jaw bone and serves as the root of a tooth. After a period of healing to allow the screw to fuse to the jawbone, a dental crown or a dental bridge is placed on the screw(s) to mimic the natural tooth/teeth. At this point in time, dental implants are still considered to be the most efficient solution for missing teeth. Especially for individuals who lost all their teeth, a full mouth dental implant procedure (a full arch dental bridge supported by multiple dental implants) is an efficient long-term solution. 

Unfortunately, dental implants are not suitable solutions for everyone. The main obstacle for seniors is high levels of bone loss. Other than that, some diseases like diabetes may prevent the patient to be a suitable candidate for the treatment. For example, the patient’s Hba1c value need to be below 6,5 for the fusion of the titanium screw to the jaw bone. Otherwise, the dental implant would have a high risk of failure. 

If you do not have sufficient bone density levels for dental implants...


The most common reason behind tooth loss for seniors is low bone density levels. In most cases, if the bone density levels of the patient are not sufficient for the dental implant placement, a procedure called “Bone Grafting” is performed to increase the amount of bone in the area, so the screw part can be applied successfully. In the cases of severe bone loss, bone grafting procedure may not be effective on providing sufficient bone structure for the screw part. In those cases, Removable Dentures were still the only solution for the patients who need full mouth replacements. But today, with the technological and medical improvements, there is a much better alternative: All on 4® Procedure.


In 1998, Dr. Paulo Melo successfully treated the first patient with All on 4 Procedure. The treatment allows supporting a full-arch hybrid denture with only 4 dental implants: 2 straight dental implants on the front and 2 dental implants at the back with 45-degree angle. Since then, thousands of patients have been treated with this procedure and regained their chewing functions without the discomfort of the removable dentures. 

At Dental Platinum Turkey, we offer 3 dental implant brands with the highest success rates for our patients: OSSTEM®, Nobel Biocare® and Straumann®. In the case of All on 4 Procedure, we only offer Nobel Biocare® dental implants since it is a registered procedure by Nobel Biocare and requires a special kind of dental implants. 


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